Barbara Yates

Tipsy Foods

Specialty Food

Hometown: Culpeper, VA

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Tipsy Foods helps you create fabulous meals with their selection of salad dressings, booze infused BBQ sauces and hand picked spice blends. Barbara and Bob Yates are the husband and wife team behind the recipes that will delight your guests at weekend barbeques and elegant dinner parties.

Their wine-infused dressings make great marinades for lamb, beef and chicken. Or try the Roasted Garlic Chardonnay with fresh herbs and mayonnaise for a delicious garlicky spread for bread or crackers.

Even when you don’t have any dinner parties on the calendar, it’s always good to be able to whip up a fabulous meal with a minimum of effort.

And if you’re less than confident in the kitchen, Barbara and Bob are happy to tell you exactly how to use their rubs, BBQ sauces and salad dressings. Stop by and say "Hi!", try free samples and have fun at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival!

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