Christina Wu

HB & M Chocolate

Specialty Food

Hometown: Mount Tabor, NJ

Artist Website

Christina Wu and Anina Schumann were already neighbors and friends before they became business partners. Each had over a decade of experience in the chocolate industry when they started HB+M Chocolate.

They designed a unique truffle, almost twice the size of most truffles, and filled it with a cake-y center instead of creme. Christina and Anina use the purest ingredients available, down to the fresh lemon juice used to ensure freshness.

Consider this appraisal by a trained chocolate connoisseur, “The milk chocolate brownie truffle is everything you would expect. The chocolate melts in your mouth, and the real brownie combines with the ganache for a very satisfying eating experience.”

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Choose from dark or milk chocolate shells filled with chocolate ganache and brownie, doughnut or macaroon centers.

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