Marie Wright

Marie Wright Pottery


Hometown: Pittsboro, NC

Artist Website

Marie Wright makes crystalline-glazed pottery pieces. She strives to achieve a beautiful aesthetic designs with brilliant glaze finishes.

During ceramics classes in college she fell in love with crystalline-glazed work. But her instructor and other experienced potters told her the technique is quite complicated.

She continued earning her degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and began work as a research scientist. However, her love for ceramics and especially for crystalline glaze pieces was always in the back of her mind.

After college, she returned to pottery-making and realized that as a biochemist, she could probably figure out how to create the complicated glazes she long to achieve. By scouring various publications for hints, she managed to figure out the steps.

Just as she had been warned, she found the process to be difficult and much fussier than standard pottery glazes.

This delicate process inevitably means she ends up with more failed attempts. But she feels the challenges are worthwhile since she derives so much satisfaction from the successful pieces.

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