Katya Madden


Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Artist Website

For more than 20 years, designer Katya Madden of Katya’s Convertibles has been making multifunctional “convertible” jewelry for those who have difficulties with clasps. We’re happy to have her Smart Convertible Concepts as part of the Sugarloaf Family!

Katya and her previous partner Tatyana Cleopatra designed in New York, creating jewelry out of difficult-to-access Russian amber. Bringing so many women joy with their beautiful designs combining amber, gold, crystals and gemstones inspired them to make handmade jewelry for people of all abilities.

It shouldn’t be hard work to put on accessories, according to Katya. Women appreciate smart designs and eliminating challenges putting on their jewelry. Most agree that tiny clasps can be difficult to see and maneuver. Katya’s strong, custom made neodymium rare earth magnetic closures actually allow her bracelets, to 'put themselves on!’ AND, surprisingly, each one is a set with an attachment that enables the owner to wear it as a necklace as well ! This is the origin of the name "Convertibles.” Exhibiting only at Sugarloaf, Katya showcases various convertible concepts in addition to the Bracelet/necklace combo. Even though she moved to Florida in 2016, Katya has “no plans to let go of thousands of fun Sugarloaf customers!”

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