Kyle Wilson

Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson


Hometown: Selma, NC

Artist Website

Kyle Wilson of Left Behind Photography uses high dynamic range photography on old objects, natural scenes, and abandoned houses and buildings often native to his hometown of Clayton, North Carolina. To Kyle, the peeling paint and cracked wood represent a feeling of “life interrupted,” the theme of much of his work and the inspiration of the name of his business, Left Behind Photography.

Kyle uses this modern method of HDR photography because to him, it captures the essence of what your eye can see far better than a single exposure image and more closely resembles what he sees in the field. “Your shadows are dark, your highlights are bright, and your colors are rich,” he elaborates on his method and how it contrasts to typical photography. The method does wonders to present old and rundown subject matter to the viewer in the vibrant and appreciative lenses through which Wilson observes.

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