Carin Willis

Happi Sac, Inc.


Hometown: Brewster, NY

Artist Website

Carin Willis’ parents were also in the manufacturing business when she was growing up which gave her a sense of the industry.

During a trip to Italy with her Mom and her sister, Carin saw a handbag which was similar to a traditional Japanese knot bag. She had an idea to use a similar idea to create a high fashion bag from suede and leather. In December 2015, she launched HappiSac with just one bag design and gradually expanded her line. She learned from listening to the feedback from people who did not purchase the original Happi Sac which led to her creating two sizes of Happi Sacs as well as tote bags.

The Happi Sac is a compact, self-closing bag which holds just the essentials for an afternoon or evening out. It is an ideal bag for women who don’t like carrying a bag but need at least a small purse to keep themselves together. The bags come in small and large and in a variety of colors. For further convenience, the bags have grommets on each side a to attach Happi Sac’s key charms.

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