Rachel Williamson

Fairweather Farm

Specialty Food

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Artist Website

With just one acre, one woman creates 100 percent homegrown, handmade products like bark baskets, culinary spice blends, herbal teas and more. Rachel Williamson’s Fairweather Farm is one very efficiently enterprising member of the Sugarloaf Craft Family.

For the past five years, Rachel has grown a diverse mix of herbs, spices and flowers that go into her signature blends. Prolific tulip trees from the surrounding woods make for perfect material for her bark baskets. In the spring, as the sap rises in the trees to push out new leaves, you’ll find Rachel in the woods, peeling sap-loosened bark from the trunks. Because of their rustic nature, no two baskets are ever the same. They’re delightful for displaying dried flowers.

Rachel’s specialized blends of culinary spices and teas will really make you appreciate the different flavors from her dried, homegrown herbs. Her spices take the guesswork out of seasoning! Her Smoke blend, featuring salt, cilantro, toasted coriander, smoked Anaheim pepper, oregano, garlic, smoked ancho pepper and onion, is a natural complement to “all things south of the border.” And we promise her outstanding “Civil-teas,” Profani-teas” and loose-leaf teas are not to be missed.

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