Ryan Williamson

The Mouse Works


Hometown: Earlysville, VA

Artist Website

The son of a wood turner and a teacher in rural West Virginia, Ryan Williamson of The Mouse Works Studio learned how to be self-sufficient at an early age. Hand-making tools, clothes and other items were a necessity on the homestead! In fact, his first foray into sewing happened because what Ryan needed couldn’t be found in stores.

As a 14-year-old with a big head, Ryan combed store after store looking for a trendy jester hat that would fit him. Finding none, he complained about the situation to his father. Not one to deal with teenage whining, Ryan’s dad gave him some scraps of fleece and a quick sewing lesson, then told him to get to work. The next day, Ryan’s friend offered to buy it right off his head. Four years later, he was running his company out of his dorm room to finance his college tuition and summer backpacking trips. In 2001, he moved to Virginia and started turning the entrepreneurial gears at The Mouse Works.

The Mouse Works studio is named after Ryan’s Appalachian Trail name, Timothy Mouse. He loves the outdoors so much, that he doesn’t even sleep in his own mouse house, opting instead to slumber beneath the stars under a tarp. His adventures have taken him along more than 10,000 miles of trail, including completing the AT twice. His handmade, recycled material hats, neck warmers and more will keep him and customers of all ages warm for many adventures to come!

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