Laurie Wilhite

Evergreen Mountain, LLC

Misc. Accessories

Hometown: Santa Claus, IN

Laurie and her husband have their son to thank for their craft show business. As a teenager, their oldest son needed to do a 4-H project with wood.

Laurie’s husband bought a lathe and father and son practiced making bowls and pens. Pretty soon he caught the woodturning bug and wanted to keep improving his techniques. He decided to concentrate on just pens and discontinued making bowls.

Now husband and wife do all the creation together. They found a glass artist how to make glass pen holders and they spend two months every year at his studio in Lowell, MA concentrating exclusively on making pen holders during that time. Their pen and glass pen holder sets are their best sellers.

They have also created some eclectic designs such as their watch face pens which incorporate watch faces into the pen case which gives them a classy, vintage look.

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