Heidi Wetzel

Heidi's Baskets


Hometown: Easton, MD

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Heidi Wetzel immigrated from the Black Forest region of Germany to Brooklyn, NY when she was just a teenager. For many years, she worked with special needs children as her main occupation and practiced weaving as a side hobby to help her unwind. As her weaving skills improved, she began improvising in her designs, integrating objects found during her global travels into her work.

She creates baskets, wall art, wrapped vases, ceramic bowls draped with fiber and themed dioramas. Her woven handiwork incorporates pretty much any material she finds interesting, which includes items as varied as fired glass beads, wood turnings, paper, feathers, bones, metallic strips, shells and other miscellaneous objects. She particularly loves to use nature-made materials like cedar bark, cane, sweetgrass, leather and handspun yarn.

Each of her finished pieces is an unrepeatable work of art suited for decorative or functional purposes.

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