Jay Wennersten

Wennerstens Etchings

Fine Arts

Hometown: Carol Stream, IL

Jay Wennersten has created a unique body of work in Wennersten's Etchings. The Carol Stream, Illinois-based artists uses different techniques such as drypoint, aquatint and multi-plate etchings to bring his artwork to life. He hand etches images onto copper plates, hand prints and colors work to create prints and other media. He produces museum-quality inks and papers that will stun visitors to your home, or wherever you choose to hang your prints.

His prints and artwork include nature sceneries, photographs and images taken from rural settings, and several series that include subjects such as early life and domesticated animals that strike a chord with many audiences. Find works including paintings, prints and fine art on display and for sale in Wennersten's booth at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival.

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