Angela Welti

B.J. Creations

Jewelry - Non-Precious

Hometown: Okemos, MI

Angela Welti has been making distinctive jewelry in her studio in Okemos, MI for over thirty years. Welti is at the helm of BJ Creations and creating hand crocheted silk and nylon jewelry. Her distinctive designs are embellished with stone, wood, crystals, and silver and gold beads. Her dedication and love for design is reflected in every piece.

“Using multiple variations, I hand knot, crochet wrap and sew my designs. I use silk and nylon based cord and incorporate many different stones, wood crystals, silver and gold beads, etc. All my original designs are done by me by hand in my home studio. My tools include needle nose pliers, penny nails in a board (to create various patterns) several different dowels and “sticks” (for winding and wrapping) and others.” It’s precise work that requires great patience and attention to detail. “It often involves organizing and knotting up to 16 strands at a time.”

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