Shane Wagner

Planted Organics

Specialty Food

Hometown: Troy, NY

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One-time track athletes Shane and Royston have always understood the connection between good nutrition and athletic performance. As Division I hurdlers at the University of Albany, they made most of their own meals to ensure they were getting good nutrition.

They created their organic salad dressings and marinades because they weren’t satisfied with most of the dressings on the market. Once they had mastered healthy dressing recipes, the next logical step was to start a business around it!

While working other jobs after college, they labored over salad dressing recipes, trying to produce delicious dressings free of gluten, preservatives and added salt.

Their dressings are made with real fruit and small amounts of organic sunflower oil to yield immensely flavorful concentrated dressings and marinades.

Just half a tablespoon of these zesty dressings is all you need for an incredible salad to fuel your life!

Try a taste of these gourmet dressings at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.

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