JoAllyn Vlossak

Stained Glass by Jo Allyn

Glass - Leaded

Hometown: Manchester, NJ

Find exquisite hand-crafted stained glass from Jo Allyn Vlossak’s Stained Glass by Jo Allyn at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival. Vlossak employs the Tiffany or copper foil technique to create intricate, delicate glass designs that are stronger and more detailed than the standard lead came method.

Stained Glass by Jo Allyn is colorful, unique and eye-catching, with each one perfectly reflecting light and bouncing off its surroundings for a truly unique 3D kaleidoscope. Over the years, Vlossak has mastered the arts of designing, cutting, foiling and polishing the glass for an exceptional finished product. Make sure to stop by an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival to see Vlossak’s work in person and to explore our featured glass artists for more.

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