Michael Trusik

Freeport Woodworks

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Freeport, PA

Michael Trusik started his woodworking business as an encore career after many years in the construction industry. He runs Freeport Woodworks with his two sons in a small town in Western Pennsylvania.

Michael was already making furniture for about a year when a visit to an auction led to an unexpected pivot to his business model. Michael and his wife serendipitously decided to bid on an old barn and ended up winning it!

With a sudden supply of hundred year old hardwood, they began making mostly barnwood furniture. Most of their furniture is made from locally sourced American Wormy Chestnut wood, reclaimed industrial parts and the occasional piece of driftwood.

As they start new projects, they make it a point to remember the men who cut the same wood by hand a century ago to build a barn.

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