Ted Tatarzyn

Tatarzyn Photography


Hometown: Rochester, NY

Artist Website

As a young man already fixated on the complementary arts of photography and travel, Ted Tatarzyn set a goal of traveling to all 50 states and 7 continents while capturing it all on camera.

During a January 2007 trip to Antarctica, he took thousands of photos of penguins, endless subtleties of blue ice, albatross colonies and other fascinating aspects of this remote region.

Ted worked for Eastman Kodak for 30 years and was president of one of the world’s largest camera clubs. His photos have been recognized in local and international competitions and his “Faces of Asia” photograph was displayed on the giant screen in Times Square.

From Angel Falls, Venezuela to the Coliseum in Rome to Indonesia’s Borobudur, Ted’s images preserve every detail of the world’s most exotic landscapes.

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