Simon Tarasiewicz

The Toy Tree LLC

Wood Toys, Puzzles & Games

Hometown: Birch Run, MI

After serving a couple of years in the Marine Corps, Simon set out touring the world by bike. He met his wife Joy in Australia and they continued the journey together by bike until Joy had a biking accident. While she was hospitalized, Simon caught a glimpse of the x-rays of her injury which inspired him to make her a wooden tap dancing dolls.

Later, they came to the United States, got married and exhibited at arts and crafts shows for a while. But the road was calling again, so they set out to tour Europe by bike. In Austria, Simon was impressed to meet a toymaker whose workshop was attached to his house. They visited the Nuremburg Toy Festival where they were struck by how many of them were Mom and Pop craft businesses. When they were ready to end their bike tour, they decided to return to the United States and make toys for a living.

Using maple and birch wood, they make personalized wooden jigsaw puzzles with childrens names, picture puzzles and wooden stools with puzzles on the top step. Custom orders are always welcome!

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