Traci Beden-Tambussi

Mud Alley Pottery


Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Artist Website

Ever since she was in high school, Traci Beden-Tambussi has been working with clay. After being introduced to pottery in 1975, she went on to earn a BFA in clay from Tennessee State University, and has since spent more than 30 years making functional and decorative ceramics while teaching the art at various schools and workshops. She now offers instruction through her studio Mud Alley Pottery, and her work is displayed at museums, galleries and craft shows through the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern U.S.

Traci’s believes that people’s surroundings have a profound effect on them, and her work is constantly evolving in response to new influences. After many years of porcelain and stoneware that owed their style to the Oriental philosophy of clean and understate simplicity, she began adopting a more textured look, and she has recently incorporated more nature themes. Her bowls, kettles, vases and other pieces feature a number of soothing colors and majestic patterns, and some even use real leaves for an authentically unique design. Come see the beauty and mastery of four decades’ work at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival near you.

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