Martin Taber

Taber Studios

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

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Bob Taber got his start in the arts world by performing on stage as a child in Los Angeles. In high school, he took opera lessons and went on to perform at various venues as an adult. While working toward a BA in art history from the College of William and Mary, he learned the crafting philosophy of the Renaissance Craft Guilds.

Bob established Taber Studios in 1972 based on the Renaissance philosophy which allows artists to gradually refine their creative work throughout their career.

Teaching Esalen Massage for 20 years also taught him a lot about how to design jewelry to mold to the human body.

Bob and his team are proud proponents of ethical sourcing practices for the jewelry industry. Their pieces are made from ethically mined 18K gold, recycled silver and diamonds, fair trade sapphires and lab grown Moissanite diamonds.

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