Alex Szabados

Alex & Mona Szabados - Enamels

Jewelry - Enamel

Hometown: Mokelumne Hill, CA

Artist Website

Alex and Mona Szabados work collaboratively to handcraft exquisite one-of-a-kind enamel jewelry.

They create an enamel foundation by layering and firing 24 karat gold and silver foil with gold granules. This process involves as many as 30 cycles of layering and firing the metals.

Over the course of another 30 firings, the faces are crafted from fine grades of clear, opaque and opalescent enamel.

The alchemy of Mona’s enameling skills combined with Alex’s artistry allows them to craft award winning jewelry designs. Their work has appeared in Ornament Magazine, Lapidary Journal and many other publications.

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