Amee Sweet-McNamara

Amee Runs with Scissors

Misc. Accessories

Hometown: Andover, NH

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Amee Sweet-McNamara makes beaded and braided textile jewelry similar to the Soutache techniques commonly used in 16th century France.

Soutache was traditionally found on the various braids, trims and tassels used to embellish clothing, drapes and furniture. It is exceptionally lightweight and pliable so it molds easily with the human form.

Amee’s jewelry items are made from a vast assortment of beads and found objects combined with the Soutache technique. She uses various beads, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, glass, wood, coral, stone and plastic.

Found objects used in her designs might include vintage items, buttons from her grandmother’s collection or 17th century trade beads she came upon in a Venice antique shop.

All her jewelry pieces have finished edges to protect from wear and tear and ensure you can enjoy these unique accessories for years to come!

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