Dan Sullivan


Jewelry - Glass

Hometown: Moon Twp., PA

Artist Website

Glassworker Dan Sullivan lives in Moon Township, Penn., and his glass jewelry designs are similarly out of this world. Distinct, delicate swirls of color make each OriginalGlassWorx pendant a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Like the rest of the Sugarloaf Family, Dan is dedicated to using superior products to make high quality handcrafted designs. In 2002 he discovered glass blowing at the Pittsburg Glass Center and was hooked. From 2003-20006, he studied the art at was Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. After graduating, he returned home to Pittsburgh where he currently works.

OriginalGlassWorx specializes in borosilicate glass jewelry, functional art and hot sculpted glass vessels. Borosilicate glass is perfect for making jewelry because of its low coefficients of thermal expansion and can stand thermal stress, which is a scientific way of saying its less likely to shatter under heat. It’s the same kind of glass used in glass food storage containers and baking pans, as well as laboratory glassware like beakers, cylinders and flasks. It’s made for everyday wear!

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