Robin Strauss


Glass - Fused

Hometown: Grand Island, NY

While some artists create art with paints and a brush, Robin Strauss is a contemporary artist who creates masterpieces with fused glass. Residing on a small island near Buffalo, NY, Strauss has been exhibiting her work at art shows for the past 30 years throughout the East Coast as well as several galleries and local shops. “I take pride in the design and quality construction of each piece paying much attention to detail. I love to play with the contrast of colors, textures and shapes, often slumping the glass to obtain a 3-D effect on some pieces.” Strauss creates everything from realistic representations of nature to abstract interpretations. Her florals and landscape pieces have a mosaic-like quality. The patience and skill that is involved in the process of heat-bonding separate pieces of glass in a kiln is evident in each creation. Strauss exhibits her ever-growing selection of many types of fusion art glass at various artisanal craft shows throughout the area. Meet her at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival!

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