Lisa Strauss

Col de Mar Sea Leather Accessories


Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ

Artist Website

Col de Mar Sea Leather Accessories is a Hackettstown, New Jersey-based company specializing in eco-friendly leather goods. These unique items are made out of Tilapia fish leather rather than traditional leather, all of which is derived from the aquaculture industry that raises Tilapia fish for human consumption. This allows Col de Mar Sea Leather Accessories to use each and every part of the fish, cutting down on waste and utilizing a renewable resource.

Col de Mar Sea Leather Accessories are colorful and useful, featuring a premium leather that is just as luxurious as that used in high-end fashion lines. This sustainable new material is used throughout the company collections, featuring its geometric texture and supple feel in all wallets, card cases, handbags and more. These luxury leather goods come in your choice of bright, beach-inspired colors like emerald green, sunny yellow and rich, wine red, creating a look that’s made to last despite the fashion trends.

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