Jill Stern

Jill Stern Wearable Art


Hometown: Bonita Springs, FL

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Jill Stern’s eye-catching wearable art will turn anybody into a walking art gallery. Her funky clothing and footwear boast bold colors and a healthy dose of attitude. Personally knitting, sewing, dyeing and painting every piece, Jill emphasizes fun color combos while revisiting certain themes such as spirals and checkerboards. From bright long-sleeve shirts with decorated buttons to hand-painted “Happy Feet” shoes, her one-of-a-kind apparel is as comfortable as it is fashionable.

Jill got her start in arts and crafts by designing hand-loom knitwear and teaching the techniques before transitioning to designing and painting garments. In addition to wearable art, she now creates home décor such as lamps, clocks and other accessories with her unique artistic touch. The Maryland resident will also customize your clothing or shoes, with numerous fabric, color and design options available so you’ll get a piece that perfectly matches your personality. If you’re looking to make your wardrobe hip again, come see Jill at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see just how fun apparel can be!

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