Brian Steorts

Flags of Valor

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Artist Website

What better way to get a handcrafted piece of pure Americana than by purchasing something made by an actual combat veteran? Brian Steorts has found a way to channel his enduring patriotism into a beautiful craft through his company, Flags of Valor. This veteran-owned and operated business features beautifully crafted wooden flags that make gorgeous Americana accents to display in your home. Every flag made by this unique company is 100 percent handmade in the U.S. by a combat veteran. Custom engravings can be added to select pieces in order to create a beautiful tribute to a military member.

Because each piece of wood has its own distinctive character, no two pieces made by Flags of Valor are exactly alike. Deep hues of red, white and blue are added to each one to bring out the natural wood grain. Distressing methods are also used to add that beautiful antique look to each wood flag. Meet Steorts at an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival and choose a piece from Flags of Valor that lets you show your pride in a beautiful and artistic way.

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