Mike Stanik

YesterYear Furniture

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Burghill, OH

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Mike Stanik makes wooden furniture using the same design and construction techniques used by American craftsmen in the 1800s. At a time when metal nails and screws were costly and often inaccessible, craftsmen devised efficient wood joinery methods which produced sturdy, long lasting furniture without them.

Most Yesteryear Furniture items are made with reclaimed American Wormy Chestnut wood, a type of wood that was readily available until the early 1900’s. Their Shaker style furniture and accessories are rich in character and uncommonly durable.

Their furniture collection includes writing desks, beds, tables, blanket chests, hutches, bookcases and more. They also have a variety of shaker style trays, handle boxes, candle shelves and boxes, desk organizers and recipe boxes.

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