Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith Pottery


Hometown: Lexington, NC

Artist Website

Rachel Smith was introduced to pottery at age five when her mother showed her how to take a pinch pot and craft a hollow bird from it. The love of artistry that was born that day has remained, and since 1972 Rachel has been making and selling pottery throughout the country. Raised in Seattle from Norwegian descent, she drew influence from both the local Scandinavian and Asian communities, in particular their appreciation of work that’s both decorative and functional.

As she’s moved throughout the country, first to Philadelphia and then to her current home in North Carolina, she has remained inspired by the colors and patterns of the world around her. Whether wheel thrown or slab built, her tea pots, bowls and other stoneware add exquisiteness to your household with their textured ash glazes and subtle dark colors. She decorates each pot with various nature-based or abstract images, using sponges and brushes of her own design. When you find Rachel Smith Pottery at a Sugarloaf show, you’re seeing a true master artisan’s work that’s sure to inspire.

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