Cindy Slotnick

Perfect Duo

Jewelry - Non-Precious

Hometown: Somerset, NJ

Artist Website

Cindy & Mark Slotnick named their business in recognition of their two loves: art and music. Both retired, they now split their time between making and selling jewelry and making music in an acoustic group and a rock and roll band.

With no expectations of starting a business, Cindy took a class to learn the Viking Knit chain weaving technique. She quickly progressed to making gorgeous pendants, bracelets and earrings using silver, gold, copper and bronze wire woven around semi precious gems and minerals. Soon Mark joined her in production and now he does most of the Viking Knit weave leaving Cindy to experiment with various pendant designs. When you stop by their booth at Sugarloaf, you’ll often find Mark weaving chain as he chats with shoppers.

Both have a lifelong love of music. In his teens, Mark was in a rock and roll band that came close to signing a contract with a major record label. Over the years, he stayed close with his bandmates and eventually the pair started performing at shows around New Jersey. Check out a few of their music clips!

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