Carson Sams

Carson's Customs LLC.

Forged Iron

Hometown: Partlow, VA

In a time when the focus is on technology and automation, blacksmith Carson Sams proves that the centuries-old artistry of forging objects of iron by hand is alive. As the owner of Carson's Customs LLC, Sams is a distinguished blacksmith and knife maker. Founded in 2010, Carson's Customs LLC has been creating various objects from wrought iron or steel including Celtic crosses, primitive style knives, hatchets, grilling tools and more.

Unlike mass-produced iron works, the craftsmanship and attention to detail of Carson Sams’ pieces is evident. While many of the knives are intricately detailed and visually striking, they are also functional and feature razor-sharp edges. Carson Sams is often in attendance at area shows where hand-crafted arts and goods are on display. Sams also engages those in attendance with demonstrations of his work. He sets up his equipment and uses his tools to hammer, bend and cut for all to see just how much skill, time and patience is needed to forge each piece.

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