Iryna Shlapakova

Exclusive Craft

Jewelry - Other

Hometown: Butler, NJ

Artist Website

Iryna Shlapakova practiced knitting and crocheting when she was young but once she discovered seed beads and learned to make bead embroidered items, she found it her primary art form.

Once she began wearing her handmade beaded jewelry in public, her friends and acquaintances started giving her custom requests and urged her to start a business.

Using Swarovski crystals, Czech beads, precious stones, pearls, Japanese seed beads, she crafts original bead embroidered pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches, hair accessories and ID badge holders. She’s inspired by other Russian bead artists and by the natural beauty of the stones.

Iryna teaches bead embroidery techniques through one on one instruction and online tutorials.

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