Hope Shakya

Hope's Hand Bound Journals

Bookbinding & Papermaking

Hometown: Millersville, MD

Artist Website

Anyone who tells you that hand bound books are a lost art has never owned a journal made by Hope Shakya. Using artisan techniques that she’s been refining since 1975, Hope personally sews blank pages into each journal she makes. The sturdy binding and durable materials last up to two centuries, meaning you can capture thoughts, drawings and more for your lifetime and then some. From there, Hope adds whimsical decorations such as gloves and lace that add to your journals’ homespun feel.

In addition to her book-binding work, Hope is also an accomplished photographer who has held numerous exhibits. But it’s her hand bound journals that bring her to craft shows and Renaissance festivals throughout the mid-Atlantic region. To say her work has a personal touch doesn’t begin to describe the beauty and elegance of every journal as she keeps the art alive. Look for her at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see just how much better hand-binding can be.

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