Wendy Seaward

Wendy Seaward Beadwork

Jewelry - Non-Precious

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Artist Website

Wendy Seaward creates ethereal jewelry pieces and exotic, intricately detailed beaded masks. She works with glass seed beads as well as semi-precious gems, pearls, fossils and found items.

While serving in the Peace Corps, Wendy discovered the elaborate beadwork of various African cultures.

Her bead woven designs featuring the graceful lines and curves of the natural world reflect her interest in sustainability and environmental health.

Wendy’s jewelry designs have been spotted in some high profile places such as the Country Music Awards and on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show. Stevie Nicks, Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum and the mayor of Knoxville, TN also count themselves among her fans.

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