Michael Searching Bear

Searching Bear Flutes, LLC

Wooden Musical Instruments

Hometown: Canton, OH

Artist Website

Michael Searching Bear is a Native American (Cherokee and Powhatan) musician and flute maker. He makes professional quality wooden flutes and is one of the few who make warbling flutes.

He has over four decades of performing and recording music. In addition to the flute, he has played the guitar, drums and percussion instruments. His recordings combine Native American music with multiple instruments and influences.

He began playing the flute in 1996 and eventually decided he wanted to make flutes himself. People are increasingly drawn to the haunting and soothing sounds of Native American flute music.

Michael is recognized for his traditional style flutes which include traditional uses of leatherwork, beadwork and finish on each wooden flute.

He teaches people of all ages how to play wooden flutes, how to craft them and how they are used in Native American daily life.

He’s received numerous honors and awards for his music, including nomination for Best Ambient Song and Best Soundtrack as well as nomination for Best Native American Songs by Just Plain Folks Music Awards (2017).

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