Kathleen Scranton

BeeZ by Scranton

Misc. Mixed Media

Hometown: Coventry, CT

Artist Website

Kathleen Scranton, along with her husband, is a beekeeper as well as book purse crafter. While searching for old books on the subject of beekeeping, she learned that large numbers of high quality vintage books are routinely sent to the shredder or the trash bin.

She hated to see these precious book covers going to waste. She came up with an idea to upcycle the books into shoulder bags, hand purses, wallets and cases of various kinds.

Many of the covers she uses are from books published before the age of television and radio and contain examples of earlier printing technology. Kathleen enjoys educating her customers with these historical tidbits.

The materials are strong enough to offer further service in a faster paced world. Each bag is reinforced inside and out to ensure it will hold up under frequent use.

Purses made from Jane Austen novels are her best sellers.

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