Jeanne Scott

Gone to Pot Art Studio


Hometown: Green Castle, MO

Artist Website

Jeanne Scott-Zumwalt is the mastermind behind Gone to Pot, a standout collection of beautiful yet functional ceramic home goods. From Green Castle, Mo., Scott-Zumwalt hand-crafts a large selection of one-of-a-kind ceramics ranging from exquisite cookie jars to decadent, vibrantly glazed teapots that would look right at home in any art-lover’s kitchen. Scott-Zumwalt often blends traditional floral motifs with modern yet sophisticated colors, so her collection is appealing to a wide range of shoppers.

All of the goods available at the Gone to Pot Art Studio booth at Sugarloaf have been wheel-thrown with premium-quality porcelain for a long-lasting approach. The artist tends to use a bright palette of glazes to give each piece a distinctly down-to-earth feel. You’ll love her collection of hand-painted floral dishes and cookware that have a uniquely retro-inspired look! If you collect quality ceramics, you’ll enjoy perusing Sugarloaf’s many renowned pottery artists.

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