Julia Sclar

Julia Sclar Pottery


Hometown: Myersville, MD

Artist Website

Art has always played a role in Julia Sclar’s life. From a young age, she experimented with different media, exploring what each had to offer. After years of exploring and experimenting, Sclar found herself drawn to what has developed into her passion — ceramics. “As a ceramic artist, I use the potter’s wheel; I allow the clay to guide and inform my hands — deciding what the piece will look like, all the while trying not to “over-think” the work. This allows creativity to develop, which eventually, emerges into an expression reflecting my love of art.” Sclar works from her Frederick, MD studio creating piece after piece of functional porcelain pottery. Each piece of hand thrown porcelain pottery has its unique charm and personality. Her collection consists of sea life-inspired creations — spoon rests, ring holders, bowls and more — that are accented with seashells, seahorses, starfish for a touch of whimsy. Sclar also creates and earth tone pottery in soothing hues.

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