Flora Schwartz

Macrame By Flora


Hometown: Key West, FL

Artist Website

Flora has been working with textiles for more than 30 years using the macramé technique, wherein patterns are created by using known instead of the more traditional knitting or weaving. While she began by creating necklaces and bracelets, her macramé watchbands have taken center stage. Beginning from seven original base patterns, every watchband is hand-knotted using durable nylon fibers that are also washable. Many different colors and sizes are available, and optional beads further accent their beauty.

Flora’s watchbands fit all standard women’s watches, and have an additional band designed to fit behind the watch and allow your wrist to breathe. In addition, she recently introduced a new macramé beaded bracelet that can be worn with a matching watchband or showcased alone. Spending part of the year in Key West, FL and the rest of it in Ocean Pines, MD, Flora travels to craft shows all along the East Coast and has become known at many of them as the “watchband lady”. See them in all their impressive décor at a Sugarloaf craft show.

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