Bill Schafer

Moments in Time


Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Artist Website

Bill and Cheryl Schafer source nostalgic images that convey a strong sense of place for the print and canvas photographs. Their most popular photograph, called Timeless, is a country lane in North Carolina.

Just as their images freeze a moment in time, they expect their photographs to give the viewer enjoyment for many years.

Bill is mostly self-taught though he has learned from other professional photographers. Recently he has begun to experiment with digital photography and color techniques.

All images are Giclee prints (pronounced zhee klay). They’re printed with ink expected to last 200 years on archival quality photo paper and framed with archival mat board or on archival satin canvas.

Stop by during the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see if any of Bill’s photographs remind you of a special moment in time!

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