Robert Rossel

Symmetry Tile Works

Pottery Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Epping, NH

Artist Website

Robert Rossel served a two year Master Apprenticeship in Japan in preparation for opening his own pottery studio.

He creates custom tiles for home installation such as kitchen backsplashes, heat plates, tile floors, patios, shower walls, swimming pools and wall art. His tile designs reflect the wondrous symmetrical patterns found in nature.

Rob personally harvests much of the Queen Anne’s Lace, thistle, sunflowers and gingko leaves used in his tile designs. After each image is glazed, it is layered with crushed recycled glass and fired in a kiln.

He and his partner, Kerstin, conduct in-depth Artist in Residence programs for New England school students. Hundreds of their tile murals, incorporating artwork by the students, appear in schools throughout the region.

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