Marthe Roberts-Shea

MAR/S Jewelry

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Elkins Park, PA

Artist Website

Marthe Roberts-Shea explains her creative philosophy by saying, “I want my work to look and feel as if it were discovered in an archeological dig.”

Her jewelry is sometimes described as “industrial chic” due to her use of articulated and hinged parts which create movement in the designs. Others describe it as medieval, Etruscan, old futuristic and contemporary antique.

Marthe Roberts-Shea worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for large corporations until she realized that corporate work was stifling her creativity. She also ran her own design firm for 2 decades, winning hundreds of awards for her work.

At local adult education classes, she found an atmosphere where her artistic spirit could thrive. She has gone on to teach her own metalsmithing workshops and write for Art Jewelry Magazine and Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist.

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