Sabra Richards

Sabra Richards Steel & Glass

Glass - Fused

Hometown: Worton, MD

Artist Website

Award-winning glass maker Sabra Richards currently designs sculptures made from kiln-formed glass. She cuts sheets of fusible glass and builds the design while the glass is in the kiln. Sabra fuses 16 individual pieces of glass into a solid block and then puts the block into the furnace where she turns and heats it until it becomes flexible. Then she “pulls” it into the cane to finish her work. Her sculptures range in size from less than 20 inches to 10 feet high. Sabra designs wall pieces as well as free-standing sculptures and is able to custom build a sculpture to meet your color and size specifications. Her work has been exhibited at the U.S. State Department: Collections of Heads of State installation; IBM Atlanta; Ann Arbor Public Library; Northwest Airlines Terminal in Portland Oregon, and many other displays. We’re thrilled to have her as part of the Sugarloaf Crafts family.

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