Don Rea

Don Rea Designs

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Damascus, PA

The imagination that goes into handcrafting any work of art is incredible. This is certainly true with the quirky sculptures crafted from metal, wood and other materials created by Don Rea and his Don Rea Designs collection. Find sculptures to suit just about any interest, whether it be a student, musician, bartender, golfer or cyclist. The possibilities are only limited by Rea's imagination. Rea crafts sculptures and figures from metals such as copper, aluminum and tin. He inserts humor and whimsy into each shaping of the material from spiral-twisted legs to bright colors to provide life to a grasshopper riding a penny-farthing cycle. His work is imaginative and thoughtful, and you might think some of his sculptures will make the perfect gift for someone you know.

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