Dennis Ray

Nature's Creations

Jewelry - Other

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Artist Website

From leaves to flowers, the beauty that’s found in nature is unmistakable. At Nature’s Creations Jewelry, Dennis Ray creates natural botanical wearable art and sculpture using a unique copper electroforming process that preserves the original item for eternity. This room temperature process layers copper over the cuttings without destroying them. By covering botanical items in copper, then finishing them with precious metals or colored patinas, they make custom, handcrafted pieces of art. As a result, each customer owns a truly individualized piece of jewelry where no two are exactly alike. “My art has been my sole vocation and my passion. Every year, I travel around the world on a mission to collect samples from nature — historic trees, vineyard leaves, noteworthy plant cuttings — and return to my studio, where I capture them in copper. Often finished with lush patinas and accent paint, each piece I create is one of a kind — just as in nature.”

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