Mary Louise Ravese

Bella Vista Photography


Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Artist Website

As a nature and travel photographer, Mary Louise Ravese captures the wonder of the outdoors, offering a snapshot of natural beauty for all to see. Using both film and digital equipment while refusing to “touch up” any of her images, Mary Louise has spent more than 20 years traversing across the U.S., Europe and Japan in search of the perfect outdoor photos. With subject interests that include country landscapes, wildlife and architecture, her work often has a painting-esque feel, using lively colors, textures and shapes to offer her unique perspective on a fleeting moment of time.

Through her company Bella Vista Photography, Mary Louise’s work can be found in collections throughout the United States, and has also been used in a number of calendars, books and websites. The Virginian also is a regular instructor for photography classes and workshops, and serves as a competition judge for clubs around the region. If you’re looking to add wonder to your home, come and visit Mary Louise the next time you’re at a Sugarloaf festival and see how amazing fine art photography can truly be.

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