Wendy Pound

Pebble Portraits

Misc. Mixed Media

Hometown: Watertown, NY

Artist Website

During childhood summers at her family’s beach house in Sacket Harbor, NY, Wendy Pound developed a habit of collecting interesting shells, sea glass, rocks and pebbles. By the time she became an adult, her childhood pastime had become something of an obsession.

One especially beautiful heart-shaped pebble inspired Wendy to begin arranging and framing pebbles on canvas. Soon she realized her obsession could lead to an income stream!

Wendy uses unpainted pebbles and rocks to create images, from nature scenes to ‘portraits’ of people and families, on canvas. A family portrait might contain two large pebbles next to several ones to represent parents and children.

These tender portraits are a wonderful, unique way to signify the bonds between people. Have a look during an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and find a special wedding, anniversary or birthday gift!

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