Rachael Platt

One:Eleven Pottery


Hometown: Leonardtown, MD

Artist Website

Although Rachael Platt earned a degree in Ceramics with a minor in Art History at Towson University she intends to continue learning while teaching and perfecting her craft. She frequently attends workshops and conferences and participates in community events.

Rachael sees pottery making as an alchemy of the human spirit with the earth’s elements. The human mind or heart conceives an idea, the earth provides the clay, water gives the clay a new form, air or wind helps spin the clay into a distinct design and then fire fuses the other elements into an enduring sculpture or vessel.

Her work reflects her fascination with ancient, mystical realms. Many of her pieces look like they could appear on the shelf of a Hobbit home - many of her bowls sit in a base of tree branches or roots. Her mugs bear tree branches for handles.

All of her pieces are fully functional and food safe.

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