Brian Pitsnogle

Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company

Specialty Food

Hometown: Cavetown, MD

Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company is one of the premiere food retailers at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. This Smithsburg, Maryland company is owned and operated by Brian Pitsnogle, who creates authentic, 100% beef jerky based on his own recipe.

Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company beef jerky contains only 100% beef from premium sources, which makes it a healthy, all-natural alternative to store-bought jerky. The low-calorie snack contains little to no carbohydrates, and it’s packed with flavor for a truly delicious taste. With flavors like Old Country and Teriyaki, there’s a beef jerky for just about anyone’s tastes. In addition to its signature beef jerky, Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company also makes Virginia peanuts and other healthy, protein-packed snacks. Be sure to pick up some Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company beef jerky to munch on at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.

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