Robert Piland

R. E. Piland Goldsmiths, LLC

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Haymarket, VA

Artist Website

RE Piland, Goldsmiths is one of the country’s top makers of gold and silver Celtic jewelry. This independent company is run by Robert Piland, a jewelry maker based in Haymarket, Virginia. Piland makes each and every piece by hand in his home studio, all according to a strict code of traditional Celtic jewelry craftsmanship.

Piland began his jewelry making career in the 1960s, when he completed a two-year apprenticeship under a German immigrant goldsmith. He later worked at many top jewelry stores before beginning to make and sell his own jewelry at Celtic and Renaissance festivals. RE Piland, Goldsmiths jewelry features Piland’s own designs based on traditional Celtic symbols, and each piece is made of sterling silver, 14-karat gold or a combination of both. He also uses semi-precious or precious stones with a cabochon cut to add even more beauty to his jewelry.

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