Seth Phelps

Phelps Studio


Hometown: Floyd, VA

Artist Website

Working from his studio and retail space in Floyd, VA., Thomas Phelps surely crafts some of the most unique ceramic arts available at Sugarloaf. The artist’s signature googly-eyed clay monsters are a favorite among lovers of whimsical art, but his repertoire doesn’t stop there! Fanciful yet functional, Tom Phelps Studio designs are made to be used. He offers a slew of hand-sculpted ceramic spoon holders, mugs, vases and more that you can enjoy every day.

Take a peek through Phelps’ collection to see dozens of unique whimsical faces, no two exactly alike. Once Phelps sculpts the clay into these inimitable characters, he then glazes them with eye-catching colors and fires them for a high gloss. Phelps Pottery was started in 1990 by Thomas Phelps but is now run primarily by Tom’s son Seth. Stop by the Phelps’ booth at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival to see and feel this truly unique crafter’s work up close.

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